What We Do

Buying a home isn’t always easy.  In fact, it can be pretty overwhelming.  If you want to find homes for sale in Salt Lake City, you’ve probably already discovered how many resources are out there.  So let us ease your mind.  The first and most important thing we can tell you about what we do is this:


You heard right.  You will never have to give us a dime for our help.  We do get paid, otherwise our families would hate us right now… but our pay doesn’t come from you, the buyer.  So if you want to go through the whole hassle of buying a home without FREE assistance, that’s your call.  If you think there’s a catch, we can assure you there isn’t one.  Give us a call and we will explain in detail exactly why you pay us nothing.

So how can we make your search for Salt Lake City homes easier?  It all comes down to experience.

We know that buying a home can be stressful.  We also know that if you are buying a home, you may also be selling your current home as well.  If so, visit us at SellMyUtahHome and we can help you with that as well.  We understand that a lot of emotion is involved in buying and selling a home.  This is a place where family is raised, where traditions are formed, and where a piece of your heart dwells.  So we want to do everything in our power to make sure you find the perfect Utah home to accomplish your goals.

Pricing is something we spend a great deal of time analyzing.  Two main concerns determine the pricing of a home:

1) Property Conditions

2) Market Conditions

Here are a few property conditions that influence the price of a home:

1) Specifications & Layout – square feet, number of bedrooms & bathrooms, number of fireplaces, etc.

2) 3 C’s: Condition, Cleanliness, & Curb Appeal – worn, dirty, disorganized, overgrown, etc.

3) Updates – 70′s shag carpet vs. updated neutral colors, vinyl flooring to stone/ceramic, formica to granite, outdated furniture, etc.

4) Location – Location, Location, Location!

Specifications & Layout:  This one is pretty obvious – homes that are larger with more bedrooms and bathrooms and that have a functional layout tend to cost more.

Condition:Homes in tip-top shape will also cost more, but we make sure any renovations aren’t just “masks” covering up mold or anything damaged.

Cleanliness: You deserve a fresh slate when moving into a new home.  We’ll help you find something clean.

Curb Appeal: It can come back to haunt you if you are the only nice house in your neighborhood.  You don’t want to be the ugliest either.  We can find the perfect middle ground.

Updating:  You can find cheaper homes that require a lot of TLC when you move in, or something newly renovated.  It’s up to you.  We’ll give you valuable input to choose whats best for you.

Location:  Properties right on major roads are devalued.  Properties close to major freeways, schools, and shopping malls add value.  Residential properties in commercial or industrial areas are devalued and vice versa.

Conclusion:  Properties that are updated to today’s standards, neutral in its tastes, clean and organized, have good curb-appeal, and are in a nicer neighborhood typically demand more of an asking price.  We will do everything we can to make sure this asking price is fair.

Our Pledge to You:  The purchase of your home is my top priority and responsibility, supported by the whole Realtypath organization.  I will communicate with you on an ongoing bases and pay close attention to all of you needs.

Our Goal:  To help you find homes in salt lake for the fairest possible price and perfect for your specific wants and needs.